3D S-band frequency-scanning surveillance radar - microwave and

antenna engineering, flight trials and project management

High reliability solid state 10kW S-band radar transmitter - chief


60-way radial waveguide combiner - inventor , design and test

Microwave Remote Sensing Experiment (MRSE), X-band

scatterometer and radiometer instruments on board the Space

Shuttle - consultant for the antenna subsystem

European Remote Sensing satellite ERS-1, C-band oceanography

mission with imaging synthetic aperture radar (SAR), radar altimeter

and wind scatterometer - Radar Engineer (ESA staff member) in

Phases A and B1.

Frequency scanning scatterometer for oceanography (FRESCO) –


TerraSAR-L, L-band SAR satellite mission to compliment TerraSARX

– project management

BIOMASS, a P-band SAR candidate Earth Explorer mission for

mapping of global biomass – mission/system engineering and

technical coordination of the Phase 0 Study

CoReH2O, candidate Earth Explorer mission for Snow and Ice

Observations - mission/system engineering and technical

coordination of the Phase 0 Study

Stepped-aperture antenna concept for low frequency SAR missions


Novel planar transmission line coupling elements – inventors


Re-entry Vehicle (ARD & IXV) Communication Technology Study –

Communication subsystem detailed design

EDRS-C (European Data Relay Satellite C) TT&R S-band and Kaband

space communication link – project management

Airborne 200W VHF/UHF communication transmitter – system


Novel planar transmission line coupling elements – inventors


Joint European Torus (JET), for design, manufacture, installation

and commissioning of a twenty-four channel vector generator

system for delivering 10 MW of microwave heating to the Torus

plasma – consultant for the system design and commissioning

COSY Synchrotron beam position monitor and spectrum analyser –

preliminary system design


14kW RF generators in Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

camera isotope systems – EMC testing

300W S-band solid state amplifier for driving 7 MW in a

radiotherapy system – design and testing

Hyperthermia cancer therapy systems for the Medical Research

Council and Teaching Hospitals – design and development


RF and optical-network systems for telematics facilities in vehicles –

analysis of customer requirements, definition, design, development

and performance verification

Simulation of multipath distortions and high-field-strength RF


Mobile RF laboratory to demonstrate and verify diversity


television, GSM mobile telephone and GPS navigation systems –

design and test

DSP-based multipath distortion analyser – project management

In-car multimedia facility, creating a new product opportunity –


Electric propulsion

Electric propulsion for space applications using microwave radiation

pressure - cavity and thrust balance design and testing.


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